Bucharest, Romania: PicoEnergy heat pumps in the spotlight at the conference Relaunching investments in the energy sector


Reliability, versatility and thermal comfort. These are the key-features of any heat pump heating system in our current context shaped by the energy transition and the integration with the smart electrical grids of the future. The best iteration needs to ensure the extraction of highest amounts of free energy that nature has to offer at minimum electrical costs, intelligent control technology, flexible integration with photovoltaic installations so as to offer the highest degree of energy independence and must become the hub of energy management for the whole building. With PicoEnergy, all of this is possible.

The highly efficient PicoEnergy heat pumps have been in the center stage during the event Relansarea investițiilor în sectorul energetic (Relaunching investments in the energy sector) that took place in Romania’s capital Bucharest on the 8th of October 2020. Our sole importer in Romania and strategic partner in this country, Havași Instalații, has attended as one of the sponsors of the conference as part of its efforts to raise public opinion awareness on the decisive role our PicoEnergy heat pumps play in the energy transition which has started to be experienced in Romania as well.

The event brought together in a robust dialogue experts, specialists, stakeholders in the energy sector, government officials, private companies, entrepreneurs as well as the civil society which gathered to present and debate on a series of complex topics of vital importance for the Romanian energy sector, including: strategic investments of Romgaz; the largest natural gas producer and the main supplier in Romania; increase of production capacity at nuclear centers; investments in gas transportation infrastructure; competition market; Romania’s status as energy hub in the region; diversification of the energy mix; and, last but not least, the role heat pumps play in the energy transition.

Echipa PicoEnergy prezintă unitatea RuralECO WPD412 cu vaporizare directă în sol participanților conferinței Relansarea investițiilor în sectorul energetic

During several sessions organised throughout the day, the underlying echo of the formal and informal talks pointed to the current and future transformations of the energy sector in Romania which are under the auspices of the much debated energy transition foreshadowed by the Green Deal: harmonising the market and the infrastructure as to allow for the inclusion of multiple energy producers and preparing the end-consumers for this energy production plurality. It is at this last point that the contribution of our strategic partner in Romania underlined the bottom-up preparatory character that our PicoEnergy heat pump technologies have on the energy market in Romania. The PicoEnergy heat pumps contribute in a decisive manner to preparing clients so as to enable them to make the most of the changes brought by the energy transition. Thanks to the technologies found in each of our PicoEnergy heat pump, consumers enjoy the highest primary energy reduction required for satisfying the heat load of any given building, the integration with the smart grids of the future, the maximisation of photovoltaic self-consumption and the dedicated energy management capabilities of the system.


Primary energy is reduced to a new minimum

Out of the total amount of energy needed by any given building throughout the year, up to 75% is used for heating. PicoEnergy heat pumps extract the free energy that is naturally stored in the environment in the air, in the ground or in the underground water and cover this way up to 75-80% of the overall energy needed to ensure a pleasant temperature for the occupants in the buildings where our technologies are installed. This operation efficiency is made possible thanks to our mature technologies dedicated to extracting free energy from nature which cover all the available energy sources: air, ground and groundwater. Thanks to our distinctive technologies such as the direct expansion technique and the M-TEC patented CO2 probes, PicoEnergy secures its position as technology leader in the field of heat pumps. Since PicoEnergy heat pumps are constantly setting new standards, these are used not only for heating, but also for cooling and fresh hot water. Overall, our technologies contribute to decisively improving energy efficiency of buildings by significantly reducing the amount of primary energy needed for securing thermal comfort in buildings.


Integration with the smart electrical grids of the future

Energy transition brings the great advantage of making it even more flexible to opt in or out for multiple electrical energy sources. At the same time, it can put a lot of pressure on non-compliant electrical distribution grids. In order to successfully navigate this vast and very volatile market that is constantly changing in terms of prices, availability of excess energy at certain times during the day and as well as in terms of the available plurality of suppliers on a given market, the end-consumer needs to be able to rely on robust and mature technologies which should facilitate his access to best energy prices precisely during the timeframe these are made available by the electricity providers. Moreover, this technology needs to be built-in the appliance that takes care of the biggest energy requirement in the building. And this major energy requirement is heating. With our PicoEnergy heat pumps, thanks to their automation technology which allows for seamless integration with the smart electrical grids of the future, the client will have the certainty of always buying electrical energy at best price possible so he can enjoy a warm and pleasant indoor comfort.


Maximum photovoltaic self-consumption

Electrical energy is the energy of the future since it can be produced over and over again thanks to the solar energy which regenerates itself limitless. With state-of-the-art control technology built into each of our heat pumps, clients can be sure that they make the most out of the full potential photovoltaic installations have to offer in the most efficient way possible. The photovoltaic capabilities of heat pumps developed by PicoEnergy allow the units to operate independently from any given brand of PV inverters. Also, it makes possible for the units to determine the precise amount of PV excess energy through the use of an additional smart electric meter. Depending on the excess energy available, the heat pump makes smart decisions to determine de optimal strategy for converting the excess electrical energy into thermal energy for heating, hot water or cooling. Thanks to the variable speed technology of the compressor and the source circuit and heating circuit actors, the PicoEnergy heat pump ensures the highest levels of photovoltaic self-consumption: depending on model and type, the heat pump can start even when there is only 500 W available from the photovoltaic installation and can continue to operate up until this PV production drops below a threshold of 250 W.


Dedicated energy management

In a building that already makes the most of the advantages the energy transition has to offer, energy efficiency entails not just using the most efficient home appliances and electrical consumers, but also the possibility to efficiently manage the way electrical energy is fed, produced or used in that building. Thanks to the ESMART energy management system from PicoEnergy, our heat pump becomes the hub for managing electricity in the entire building. With ESMART, clients can decide who, how, when and how much electricity is being consumed in the building. Storing photovoltaic energy in batteries, maximizing self-consumption, diverting electricity to electromobility or injecting it in the main grid are just some of the energy management options available.


Therefore, when clients opt for a heat pump heating system from PicoEnergy they don’t just choose the means through which they can secure their thermal comfort in their homes or in the buildings where they work, they choose the energy concept of the future that ensures the relevance they need in order to make the most of the positive changes brought by the energy transition: increasing energy efficiency of buildings by using up to 85% nature-friendly energy for heating, cooling and hot water; seamlessly integrating with the smart electrical grids of the future; maximising PV self-consumption through the optimal conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy; and, last but not least, efficiently managing energy in buildings using our dedicated system that gives them full control over the way energy is fed, produced and used in the given building.


About PicoEnergy and Havași Instalații

Based in Pinsdorf Austria, PicoEnergy is one of the major heat pump manufacturers in Europe. With over 40 years in the field of highly efficient heat pump manufacturing, PicoEnergy continues to innovate by making available its unique technologies for extracting free renewable energy available everywhere in our natural environment such as the direct expansion technique and the M-TEC patented CO2 deep drilling probes. These unique technologies are proof of the leadership power PicoEnergy has in the field. PicoEnergy heat pumps are made available through a network of competent partners that are specially trained in order to ensure success in planning and implementing PicoEnergy heat pump installations.

În Romania, the Austrian company PicoEnergy is exclusively represented through its strategic partner in the region, Havași Instalații. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of heat pumps, the Romanian family-owned company together with its competent partners throughout the country guide their clients on their way to energy independence and ensure highest implementation standards for each application. Together, their goal is to make available this amazing technology to everyone interested to achieve efficiency and sustainability for their home or for the building in which they spend most of their time working. With PicoEnergy heat pumps, the technology of the future is available today.


About the event

The conference Relansarea investițiilor în sectorul energetic (Relaunching investments in the energy sector) has been organised by Club Antreprenor and Ziarul Pozitiv as a debate platform for tackling with current topics that impact the energy sector in Romania and has brought together experts in the field as well as representatives of several stakeholders, including:

Conferința Relansarea investițiilor în sectorul energetic a fost organizată de Club Antreprenor și de Ziarul Pozitiv pentru a discuta teme de actualitate în sectorul energetic din România și a reunit experți din domeniu și reprezentanți ai părților interesate. Printre aceștia se numără:

Corneliu BODEA, CEO, Centrul Român al Energiei, CRE

Florin BĂLAȘIU, CEO, Direcția Planificare Funcționare SEN, Dispecerul Energetic Național, Transelectrica

Iulian HARPA, Managing Partner, HIM Public Affairs

Mircea FICA, Founder and Senior Editor, Club Antreprenor

Sebastian-Flaviu HAVAȘI, Manager, Havași Instalații, PicoEnergy strategic partner in Romania

Claudiu CREȚU, Special CEO, Electrocentrale București, ELCEN

Niculae HAVRILEȚ, Secretary of State, Ministerul Economiei, Energiei și Mediului de Afaceri

Silvia VLĂSCEANU, General Manager, Federația Asociațiilor companiilor de utilități din Energie, ACUE

Ovidiu DEMETRESCU, Partner, OCD Capital & Resource

Cosmin Gabriel PĂCURARU, Adviser to the Managing board of  ELCEN SA and columnist for Contributors.ro


Full description of the event can be found on the event organiser’s website here.

Video recording of the event Relansarea investițiilor în sectorul energetic can be found here. Power Point talk of the PicoEnergy strategic partner can be found here.

Photos taken during the event can be found here.

More information on the role heat pumps play in the energy transition can be found in the Romanian version of the editorial post dedicated to this event which is published on the PicoEnergy Romania blog.


Here’s the video recording of the conference


Here’s a selection of photos

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